On this webpage you will find English information surrounding the impact of the large-scale energy transition on our municipality. Watch our video about the proces we are going through with our residents. Read more about the terms and conditions set by 100 randomly selected residents for new initiatives in the municipality.

Borselse Conditions Group

There are some major energy and other projects coming Borsele’s way. It is not the municipality that will decide whether these projects will be coming and where they will go, that is a matter for central government. However, the municipality of Borsele would like to be prepared and has therefore asked residents to draft conditions in the event that these projects go ahead. What will we for example need for the landscape, the quality of life and safety in Borsele if new energy projects come this way? This is why it was decided to set up the Borsele Conditions Group (BVG) with residents chosen by lot and representatives of the village councils, supported by Local Experts.

More information about the process of the Borselse Conditions Group and the Borselse Conditions:

Borsele Conditions Group: Looking back on a unique citizen participation process in 2023

Review of the Borselse Conditions Group 2023 process (long version)

Read the report from the Borselse Conditions Group


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